Collection: XeThru Radar Development Modules

About XeThru Technology

Novelda’s XeThru Impulse Radar is a complete CMOS radar system integrated on a single chip. This technology is used to implement a high-precision electromagnetic sensor for human vital sign monitoring, personal security, environmental monitoring, industrial/home automation and other novel sensor applications.

XeThru can improve the quality of life, and personal comfort and safety, by enabling non-intrusive sensors that collect relevant data while preserving full privacy. The technology combines all traditional sensor functions into one: it detects presence, distance, proximity, gestures and can also see through different materials. It can see through the wall into the next room, it can see into the ground, and it can also be hidden for aesthetic or tamperproof reasons.

SensorLogic provides both development kits and custom OEM modules to system developers worldwide.
3 products
  • XeThru X4M03 Development Kit
  • XeThru X4M200 Respiration Sensor
  • XeThru X4M300 Presence Sensor